Airport Industrial Center (AIC) of Greater Louisville is an urban industrial park in south Louisville, Kentucky. AIC is located at the former Naval Station Louisville, which was privatized in 1996 after a Department of Defense base closure.

AIC enjoys the support of a unified community of business, government and education leaders. Current tenants of the park include two of the nation’s largest defense contractors, BAE Systems and Raytheon Corporation. These companies, supported by an on-site group of Navy engineers, continue to provide repair, overhaul, engineering and manufacturing services for some of the Navy’s largest and most sophisticated weapons systems.

AIC, through a long-term ground lease with the Louisville/Jefferson County Redevelopment Authority, Inc., is owned and operated by Titan Research & Development. Titan maintains an on-site facility in the Center and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Leasing is managed by Cassidy Turely/Harry K. Moore.




Titan Research Development Louisville, LLC.

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